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What Is Site Ballot?

Site Ballot is a website review tool that allows people to submit information about their website for a site review by the general public. Submitted websites fill out a small questionnaire, and then their information is posted publicly for website reviews by visitors to our website. Specific website rater features are analyzed and graded.

What Do You Do With The Data?

All questionnaire data is collected and stored in our Site Ballot database. Is is then posted back to the general public for their own use. Users will be able to filter and sort through the data based on criteria from website reviews posted by others. This data is meant to be used by people to help them find specific websites with specific website ratings in specific areas of interest.

What Other Features Does Site Ballot Have?

Site ballot website grader data can also be used as a research tool for studying website trends. Collected polling data can be used for reports, blog posts and articles related to website development.

Site owners can also use this data to learn about their websites - what people like and do not like. Design issues, content relevance, and site usability are just a few areas that website owners can explore and monitor.

About Us

Site Ballot is a creation by Doodlebit, LLC, the makers of Doodlekit Free Website Builder.