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Admin - Wed Dec 26, 2012 @ 09:45PM
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Doodlekit is wrapping up its new release after several years of development. The roll out of their free website builder will be early spring of 2013. This will effect Site Ballot and how it works. Site Ballot will be showcasing websites created with the new Advanced Templating System that comes with the new release. Doodlekit's new tools will allow people to create and edit their own custom website templates.

The original intent of Site Ballot was to allow people to add any site to be voted on. However, our experience with spammers and hackers have forced us to reconsider this decision. Limiting the websites that can be submit to only Doodlekit websites allows us more control and thus we can prevent abuses and limit spammers/hackers from the free services we provide.

This is not etched in stone, but for now, it does appear we will be limiting Site Ballot to Doodlekit Free Website Builder websites only. More updates to follow, stay tuned...


Comments: 48